[Your Voice] Give our Senior Team your feedback on the Email Issue

*Please note that feedback on this issue is now closed. Thank you to all who contacted us expressing your opinions and concerns. If you have any further issues then please contact our Support Team*

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the email issues that have affected our customers recently. We fully understand that the service has been below our normal standards and we have not met our customer’s needs over this period.

“We would like to give you the opportunity to give us your feedback”

We are currently in the progress of making changes to our technology to ensure that we provide a much more stable solution for the future but we would like to give you the opportunity to give us your feedback. All feedback is sent directly to our Senior Team.

We’d like to know how the recent email problems have affected you and what areas you think we need to improve upon beyond making the service more reliable.

  • Did you know we had a Status Page and Announcement page and was the information helpful to you?
  • If you called in or sent us a ticket via your support site, did you find our support agents responsive and effective?
  • Did you contact us via Twitter during the issue and was it a useful means of communication?
  • Do you think we communicated the issues clearly enough?

Please note that we cannot deal with any general support / complaints requests via that email address. You will need to use our usual channels to contact our support team.

Once again we apologise for any disruption to service and thank you for your continued business.

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