Vegas2Venice Day 4 – The Half Way Point

Vegas2Venice Day 4 – The Half Way Point

With the team arriving in Venice, the 2,400 mile, 8-day trip has reached the half way mark. As the vegas2venice team are halfway through the trip, this is a quick round up of the activity so far.

Day 1 – 419 miles
Excited and eager to get the project rolling, the team started early from Ross-on-Wye (aka Ross Vegas) to cross the English Channel via the Euro Tunnel, headed for Paris. Albeit tired from the first 400+ miles, the team met with French HIV/AIDS charity Les Petit Bonheurs.

Day 2 – 311 miles (730 miles in total)
Leave Paris, heading for Antwerp, Belgium for an 11am interview with HIV Association of Belgium who has been trialling an exciting new HIV vaccine. Then onto Amsterdam to meet support group HIVnet.

Day 3 – 406 miles (1,136 miles in total)
The team crossed the border into Germany as part of a 4-hour drive to Frankfurt. Here they met Holger Pfister of for an interview for part of the documentary. The day ended with an early night in preparation for a busy day 4.

Day 4 – 439 miles (1,575)
Day 4 consisted of crossing from Germany into Austria and the city of Innsbruck. The team then crossed into Italy, with the halfway point of Venice in sight.

The last 4 days consists of stops in Milan, Interlaken, Karlsruhe, Luxembourg, Antwerp (again) and then on to Bruges before heading to the Arms Around the Child HQ in London for the final day.

Along the way, the team have met with a number of HIV/AIDS organisations, charities and support groups, along with a number of people affected by HIV/AIDS. The mission for this project is to celebrate the passions of those impacted by this disease.

As part of the vegas2venice trip, the boys will be followed by a camera crew to produce a documentary of this project. The film will capture Scotty and Griff’s travels, the people they meet and highlight how HIV treatments make a difference in their lives.

As the official sponsor of the vegas2venice project, we wish the boys all the best with their journey and support of Arms Around the Child.
Find out more about the vegas2venice trip here and follow the trip via their Facebook page, Twitter profile, or blog.

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