Vegas2Venice Day 2

Day 2 of the vegas2venice trip started with a very early morning for the team, who set off from the outskirts of Paris for the city of Antwerp.

The first stop of the day was at The Institute of Tropical Medicine for a meeting with the HIV Association of Belgium who’ve been trialling an exciting new HIV vaccine.

With more than 1760 miles to go and a border crossing into the Netherlands, there was no time for lunch. With another long drive, the team arrived in the historic city of Amsterdam. Here they met the support group HIVnet for the last interview of day 2.

We caught up with the boys this morning to get the latest:
“It’s truly amazing how much difference organisations like the HIV association, HIVnet and Arms Around the Child can make to sufferers of HIV/AIDs and those touched by its effects” said Scotty, “The crew are capturing some really powerful moments that will help give this documentary real impact!”

So what’s in store for day 3? The team will head south into Germany, travelling to Frankfurt and meeting Holger Pfister of Then it’s onto a campsite south of Stuttgart for an early night in preparation for another busy day.

As part of the vegas2venice trip, the boys will be followed by a camera crew to produce a documentary of this project. The film will capture Scotty and Griff’s travels, the people they meet and highlight how HIV treatments make a difference in their lives.

As the official sponsor of the vegas2venice project, we wish the boys all the best with their journey and support of Arms Around the Child.
Find out more about the vegas2venice trip here and follow the trip via their Facebook page, Twitter profile, or blog.

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