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Welcome to this new article series for the Fasthosts Blog titled – This Week’s Top News – Your roundup of the top Technology, UK Business, Web, and Design news from the past seven days.

UK Business News

Over eight million adults still yet to get online in the UK

It’s incredible to think that there are over 8 million adults in the UK who have yet to use the internet. We’ve been supporting Race Online 2012 since January last year and are fully behind the work of AgeUK as well. Check out this article from V3 for the full story.

We Didn’t Warn Apple off iTV Name, Says UK Broadcaster [VIDEO]

One of our most beloved broadcasters and the company behind our most popular soap has been heavily talked about in the technology rumour mill this week. Find out why iTV, the Telegraph and Apple have been doing the rounds on the gadget forums.

Technology News

Sony plugs RFID chips into smart power sockets

The importance of saving energy has never been higher and now, thanks to Sony, it seems we may soon be able to ensure our energy consumption is much smarter. Check out the Japanese company’s innovation and why it could be great news for your home, your business and your planet.

Makego app turns iPhones and Lego into interactive toy cars

An interactive Lego toy car. Enough said. See how Makego are ensuring the next generation will love those little coloured bricks as much as we do.

Sounds like Dr Dre has changed the headphone industry for the better

If you love your music then you’ll no doubt appreciate the importance of a high quality set of headphones. For all those who are still using the set found in last year’s Christmas cracker then it’s about time you checked out this article from Wired.

iPad 3: What to expect and when to expect it in the UK

Whether you’re already an Apple fan boy or thinking of taking your first bite the iPad 3 will no doubt be worth exploring. With some impressive specification upgrades and new features this addition to the Apple range could ensure the company’s grasp on the tablet market for 2012 will be stronger than ever. Full story.

Tic Tac Launches Augmented Reality-Enabled Times Square Billboards

Augmented Reality is an exciting technology and something we’ve covered before on the blog. Find out how Tic Tac are using AR on the most famous advertising space in the world.

Web News

LinkedIn considers launching intranet service for businesses

Earlier this week V3, a UK technology news website, obtained an exclusive interview with LinkedIn’s European managing director, Ariel Eckstein, to discuss the possibility of a LinkedIn intranet option for businesses. Read the full article here.

Facebook Timeline for Brands Coming Later This Month [REPORT]

By the end of this month your business could have the option of using the new Timeline format for your Facebook page. The social networking giant is planning to roll out the feature over the next few weeks. Check out the full story.

More male Pinterest users in UK than female: Infographic

Many have tipped Pinterest to be the biggest grower in the social networking industry during 2012. If you’ve not heard of it before then it is well worth checking out infographic on Econsultancy.

Industry News

Cloud computing needs a new generation of network management tools

Cloud computing relies heavily on the quality of network connections and to ensure that can happen the VPN manager of Vox Telecom, Christopher Burrell,  says that a new generation of network management tools are needed. Full story.

Why is IT so bad at cloud computing?

Security is still a big issue in the uptake of cloud computing services. take a look at the subject in detail to understanding the reason why SMB’s are not taking up cloud computing as quickly or enthusiastically as expected. Check out the full article.

Design News

Upcoming Web Design and Development Conferences For 2012

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest web design trends is crucial to keeping your business and services at the cutting edge of technology and client expectations. Smashing Magazine has put together a list of the top web design events happening around the world this year.

That’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with all the top news stories. If you have any news stories of your own then please let us know in a comment below.

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