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Welcome to this new article series for the Fasthosts Blog titled – This Week’s Top News – Your roundup of the top Technology, UK Business, Web, and Design news from the past seven days.

UK Business News

UK services growth boosts hopes recession can be avoided

We’re all looking forward to the days of strong growth within the UK economy and in this article from the Guardian we find out those days may be coming sooner than expected. Read the full article here.

Business will be crucial to achieving universal energy access by 2030

The UN has declared 2012 to be the “International Year of Sustainable Energy For All”. Over a billion people are currently without access to electricity and in this uplifting and interesting article from the Guardian reports that there is hope for a different future. Find out the full story here.

Recommendations help drive 27.9% holiday sales growth at John Lewis

Find out why John Lewis are benefitting from focussing on contextual shopping in this article from Econsultancy. Tell me more.

Dame Ellen MacArthur on why we must adopt a circular economy model

The former sailor Dame Ellen MacArthur outlines why re-use, redistributing, recycling, refurbishing and remanufacturing can become the backbone of a prosperous economic system. Find out more about this fascinating 90-page report supported by Ellen and published by managing consultancy firm MacKinsey here.


Technology News

M&S launches Samsung Smart TV app

Connected TV is an exciting, emerging market. As we see more and more TV companies integrating internet with their products we can also expect to see lots of apps being launched by companies of all shapes and sizes. M&S is one company taking the opportunity to get in early. Read the full story here.

Hackers outwit online banking identity security systems

Online banking has been hit by a new hacker strategy being called “Man in the Browser” attack. Testing has suggested that even those with up-to-date anti-virus software could be at risk. Find out the full story in this BBC article.

IBM seeks out start-ups for Smarter Planet push

IBM has announced that they are seeking out start-ups to partner with on its Smarter Planet initiative. Profitero, a retail analytics firms based in Dublin, has already been selected to become a partner. Read the full report from V3 here.


Web News

New Skype For Windows Brings Full HD Video Calls, Facebook Integration

Skype recently launched version5.8 for Windows which announces a host of new features such as full HD video-calling, group screen sharing and Facebook integration. Mashable has the full story here.

GOV.UK launches in beta

Directgov is to be replaced later this year with GOV.UK and the new site went live in beta form last night. Based on first impressions the new site looks modern, intuitive and clean. Read the full story from Net Magazine here.

Facebook goes public with $5 billion IPO

Just in case you’ve been trapped under a rock for the last week, Facebook has gone public and as a result revealed a bucket load of information about itself in the process. Wired has the full story for you here.


Industry News

Facebook IPO Filing Details Data Centre Spending

Over 400 million users log into Facebook every day. You need a pretty meaty data centre to cope with that sort of load and thanks to the release of its IPO filing earlier this week we get to find out how much it costs to run such an infrastructure. The WHIR offers more details here.


Design News

Recently in Web Development (January ’12 Edition)

The writers at Nettuts+ are always on the pulse of the latest news within web design. Find out all the latest web design news in January courtesy of their monthly roundup. Full article.

That’s all for this week. We’ll be back next Friday with all the top news stories. If you have any news stories of your own then please let us know in a comment below.

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