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Welcome to this new article series for the Fasthosts Blog titled – This Week’s Top News – Your roundup of the top Technology, UK Business, Web, and Design news from the past seven days.

UK Business News

Telefonica-O2 launches major tech start-up programme Wayra in UK

On Wednesday this week Telefonica, the parent company of O2, launched the UK branch of its global initiative called Wayra. The incubator aims to fund 350 European start-ups by 2015 with a focus on technology based businesses. Find out more here.

Rural start-ups to benefit from new £60m grant scheme

Stimulating business growth within the UK is hot topic for the government at the moment and with the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) announcing this week that their new initiative is offering grants of between £25,000 and £1m we expect the light to continue to shine on UK entrepreneurs. Read the full article.

Web News

LinkedIn: Great Recession Industry Trends

LinkedIn and the Council of Economic Advisors have been putting together some interesting statistics from the last four years to show the growth rates of over 30 industries. Find out where your industry is heading.

Campaign against Ugandan warlord sweeps Internet

Kony 2012, the viral video that’s going around the web like wildfire. The Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony has been committing horrific acts of crime for many years and due to this video from Kony 2012 the man who tops the ICC (International Criminal Court) most wanted list is at the centre of the online community’s interest. Full story.

Technology News

Twitter Brand Pages Said To Get Even More Changes This Year

More changes ahoy for Twitter brand pages. E-commerce, contests, sweepstakes, apps, and more is potentially on the way. Read the full features report here.

Apple unveils new iPad, Apple TV box

The new iPad (essentially iPad3) was unveiled this week to a mixed reception. In the end I think everyone was a little underwhelmed. No huge surprises but some good tweeks and incremental updates. Find out the full details here.

Cheap technology helps small business grow big

This week the BBC is running a series on how small and medium-sized firms use technology. In this article David Mills, vice president of the Ricoh Europe board discusses how cloud technology is helping small businesses grow. Full story.

Industry News

With Google Play, the Cloud Goes Prime Time’s Mike Isaac has called it “Google’s iTunes moment”. A few of Google’s key sites have been combined into this one hub and everything is stored in “the cloud”. Discover more here.

Design News

Recently in Web Development (February ’12 Edition)

The writers at Nettuts+ are always on the pulse of the latest news within web design. Find out all the latest web design news in February courtesy of their monthly roundup. Full article.

That’s all for this week. We’ll be back next Friday with all the top news stories. If you have any news stories of your own then please let us know in a comment below.

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