Work Better Online - Today, Tomorrow, and the Future

Making business work better online… today, tomorrow and the future

Earlier this year we introduced our Work Better Online campaign. We announced our commitment to “providing you the best services and technologies possible. We believe the combination of UK based award-winning, secure and reliable technologies, supported 24/7 via the phone and online will give you peace of mind, giving you time to focus on your business.“

We feel it’s a good time to review this commitment to see if we’re living up to our promises and to look ahead to the next 6 months.

So, our data-centre is still based in the UK, Gloucester to be precise, and it’s safe to say that it won’t be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. We still hold our Microsoft Partner of the Year award and hope to add to that award this year.

The two commitments we have really worked hard on are, ensuring we provide secure and reliable technology and high quality customer support. We’re really pleased to say that we’ve improved in both areas. Our hosting platform has been far more reliable during 2012 thanks to the hard work and resources we’ve invested in the technology performance, and the feedback our customers have given us about the customer support team is very positive. You may have seen our ICS announcement last week which is a great step towards further improving the support we provide.

All-in-all we’re hopeful that the rest of 2012 can continue in the vein that the first 6 months have established. But we know there are always lots of areas to improve on and welcome your feedback via our Review Site.

The Future

So what does the future hold for Fasthosts and how can we improve on the last 6 months?

Below are some key areas that we’re particularly focussing on for the rest of 2012 and beyond;

  • Scalability – Technology that grows with you.
  • Flexibility – Forward thinking technology.
  • Service and support – Technology you can rely on.
  • Peace of mind – You’re our priority.

We’ve worked in this industry long enough to know that statements likes the ones above can sound like marketing jargon at times, so we’re keen to explain exactly what we mean by these statements.


We want your business to be successful. We understand that business needs are ever changing, and we understand your requirement for products that scale as your business grows. We always look to provide solutions that fit your current demands and budget.


Being able to react to the demands of your customers is vital for any businesses reputation and growth. With Fasthosts solutions you are able to make changes to suit your requirements, when needed. You don’t have to outlay significant upfront investment to have access to secure UK data centres, dedicated 24/7 phone & online support and a team of experts.

Service and support

If you ever need to contact us for help and advice, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience – a friendly reception, accurate and timely advice, open and honest answers.

Peace of mind

We invest a huge amount of resources to ensure our hosting platform is extremely high quality. The performance of our data centres is the lifeblood of Fasthosts, we know that if there is a fault then it impacts your business.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we’ll be making during our “Making business work better online… today, tomorrow and the future” campaign and as always any feedback is welcome in a comment below or via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thanks for reading,

The Fasthosts Team

If you’re a Fasthosts Customer and would like to review us or are interested in our services and want to know what our existing users think then check out our Fasthosts Review Site

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