London 2012 Olympics vs. Great Exhibition 2012

Great Exhibition 2012

Fasthosts, the founding sponsor of The Great Exhibition 2012, has recently learnt that the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog) are considering legal action against The Great Exhibition organisers for the use of “2012” in the event title.

The Great Exhibition 2012 – A festival for Britain will take place in August 2012 showcasing the very best of Britain. From outstanding seafood in the South West, to architectural innovation in the North East, visitors will be taken on a fascinating journey through the British Isles. Live events and performances will take place throughout for all the family to enjoy.

Julie Benson, the Chief Executive of the Great Exhibition, stated “I just feel generally upset, as all I am asking for is the right for people to celebrate,”.

Locog are keen to flex their muscles to ensure that no person or organisation can make an unauthorised association to the London 2012 Games and Olympic trademarks. At last years winter games VANOC took similar actions around the words “Olympic,” “Games City,” “2010”,“Vancouver” and “Whistler.” We believe that the Great Exhibition is distinct enough to stand out from the Games and Cultural Olympiad.

We wish Julie and the Great Exhibition team the best of luck in making the event a success and hope that the current situation with Locog can come to a positive resolution.

Click here for more information on the Great Exhibition 2012.

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