Keep your Business Online in the Snow

As the UK struggles to deal with Snow and Icy conditions we’d thought it would be a good idea to give you a list of apps and sites that might help you keep working.

Access your computer from Home:

LogMeIn Ignition
LogMeIn Ignition allows you to connect remotely to any computer that has LogMeIn installed, meaning you can access your computer straight from your phone if you need to. Available for Ipad/Iphone, Andriod and for Windows USB LogMeIn Ignition is a great way of keeping your business running without a full corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN).
LogMeIn Ignition

Access your files from Home:

Fasthosts Online Storage
Having access to your files when your away from home or from the office is no longer a case of having to carry round a usb key. With our Online Storage system you can keep your important files safely and securely in the cloud and access them when you need to, all you need is a computer and web access.
Online Storage

Access your Email from anywhere:

Fasthost Email
With Fasthosts email you can access your email no matter where you are from the web, even if it normally goes to your computer. Customers with Standard or Advanced Mailboxes can access their email by visiting our webmail portal . Customers on our Microsoft Exchange platform can access Outlook Web Access (OWA) OWA portal

Forward your phone to your computer:

Skype is by far the best known Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) provider, and has some handy ways of helping you out if you can’t get into the office. Create a Skypein number and forward your phone there when out of the office; then receive the call on any of your Skype enabled mobile phones or your home computer devices.

Travel Tips:
If you are heading out on the Motorways our teams favourite site is the Highways Agency Motorway Flow The site shows you the live traffic speed, whats showing on the Matrix boards and live webcam images so you know what your heading into.
Train travellers can setup daily commute alerts by registering with National Rail Great if you prefer not to be stood on a station platform waiting for your train to arrive.
As for other Roads and Traffic info it’s typically a case of tuning into your local radio station, if you’re in the car press the TA button on your stereo system to interrupt your early morning tunes automatically for local Traffic Announcements.

Our team commute from all over the country to Gloucester everyday, when the weather is bad we have know some people might not make it into the office so we have strong contingency plans in place to ensure that we keep operating 24/7 365 days a year. A great example of this is our support team who have secure VPN access to our support portal from home meaning we can continue to provide support via email and our support websites.

Mark Smith is the Senior Manager with responsibility for Social Media in Fasthosts

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