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Introducing the Fasthosts Community beta

Issues with your website or another online service are always frustrating. Fasthosts products are highly reliable, but it’s inevitable that some customers will need assistance now and then. While our knowledgeable support teams are available to help 24 hours a day, it can sometimes take a while to resolve a very specific or uncommon issue. Then again, a problem shared is a problem halved – so why not share it with as many people as possible?

We recently highlighted the range of options you have when contacting Fasthosts. One of our newest customer support channels is the Fasthosts Community, currently in beta phase. The concept of the support community has evolved over the past few years into an innovative way for customers to get assistance and advice, not just from their provider, but also from other, more experienced users of a service or product.

Launched earlier this year, the Fasthosts Community beta has already seen a lot of activity and engagement. While still at an early development stage, the forum is open to all Fasthosts customers, and users have so far posted hundreds of questions and comments on everything from domain forwarding to WordPress plugins. The community is fast becoming a valuable source of information, help and tips, with a growing pool of contributors drawing on many years of web experience between them.

Forum features have been designed to encourage a genuine community spirit and maximum interaction. Posts are separated by product to allow easy navigation, while ‘Sticky Posts’, ‘Recently Asked Questions’ and ‘Hot Topics’ give users a clear sense of the latest community activity. The upvote system also helps the most relevant and useful comments rise to the top.

By taking part in discussions and sharing their expertise, our users are really helping to grow the community and make it a source of reliable support. We’re keen to recognise our most active contributors, so you’ll see a leaderboard ranking users based on points awarded for various actions, with upvoted comments and answers especially highly rated.

Of course, the Fasthosts Community is only in its beta phase, so we still have a way to go. As well as feedback on our products, we’re inviting your views on the Fasthosts Community itself. The beta period is a great opportunity to see what works well and what needs further attention, while developing and implementing new features for the full launch. So keep us informed of your experiences – both good and bad – and we’ll do everything we can to improve the final version.

You can access the Fasthosts Community here:

To get involved, simply log in to your Fasthosts customer account, then agree to the community guidelines and choose a display name to start posting. Why not try it today?

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