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“We recognised the need for Fasthosts to provide customers with the opportunity to have a presence in the mobile world.”


Following the successful launch of our new Mobile Website Builder we’ve decided to put this article together to help highlight some of the fantastic features that this goMobi product offers. I caught up with Georgia Themis, Fasthosts Senior Ops Support, and Richard Beckett, Fasthosts Product Marketing Manager, both of whom were heavily involved in putting this project together and asked them a few questions about the new product.

If you’ve not yet seen the goMobi website builder, then check out our recent blog post Mobile Website Builder Now Launched – First Month Free!

Why have Fasthosts chosen to sell this product?

GT – We recognised the need for Fasthosts to provide customers with the opportunity to have a presence in the mobile world.

RB – Absolutely, the smartphone market is growing at a phenomenal rate and the goMobi product was a perfect, great value solution for customers. Once you’ve setup your website in goMobi it will be compatible with over 6,500 devices.

What features do you think Fasthosts customers will find most useful?

GT – I went through the setup of a goMobi website  and I was up and running with the website within 15 minutes. It is a really simple but effective mobile website solution. It does come with a pre-made template that you can choose to alter with your own details or you can put in your own HTML code to create your own look and feel.

RB – I’ve also setup a goMobi site and I think our customers will find the call us, coupons, directions and social media links particularly useful. For a SME it provides an excellent way to present the information the customer wants in a clear layout.

Do you think the product is good value?

RB – We offer the goMobi product cheaper than all of our competitors. It is £2.99pm ex VAT and we’re giving the first month free! Heart Internet is charging £12.00 more per year for this product at £3.99pm. For a limited period you can also buy the Fasthosts Personal Standard web hosting package for only £2.49pm ex VAT.

How will a business benefit from a goMobi website?

GT – The goMobi product is focussed around the business market and allows small and medium sized businesses a fantastic way to create a fully functioning and compatible mobile website. Key features allow you to include opening hours, a call us function and mobile website visitors can even make reservation requests directly from your mobile site.

RB – Mobile internet usage is a rapidly expanding and this is why it is vital for a business to have a Mobile Web presence.

Here are some key stats from tecmark:

  • In September 2009, just 0.02% of all UK web traffic originated from a mobile device. In January 2011 this figure was a staggering 8.09% (representing a growth of over 4000%)!
  • iPhone traffic accounts for around 4.5% of all UK website traffic – not just mobile traffic!
  • iPhone traffic accounts for more than half of mobile traffic.
  • More people browsed UK websites in January 2011 from an iPad than from all Android powered devices put together. In fact, that’s been the case since September 2010, just over 3 months after the first iPad was launched in the UK.
  • In January 2011, Apple devices accounted for more than 70% of all mobile traffic in the UK.
  • If growth continues at the rate it did for the latter part of 2010, by June 2011, almost 15% of UK web traffic will be of mobile origin.

Are there any other products Fasthosts have launched recently?

RB – We are very excited to have launched our new Broadband range in March which now offers up to 40Mb fibre optic broadband. We’ve also launched a completely new solution which is our Online Backup, that went live in February this year.

This article was written by James Hay, Social Media Coordinator at Fasthosts Internet Ltd.

Thank you to both Georgia Themis and Richard Beckett.

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