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Back in January we announced that we’d launched a new Fasthosts Review Site designed to be “a true forum that allows both positive and negative comments or gives the company the chance to respond in an open, honest and transparent way.”

We’ve been really pleased with your engagement and feedback, both good and bad. Your comments has helped lead to improvements in services and given regular little boosts in morale to the teams here. At times we don’t always get to see the results of our support work and to know that so many of you are really pleased is brilliant.

To date we’ve had 85 reviews on the site with an average of 3.56 out of 5. We’re hoping to keep improving and get this rating higher.

We’re still to make some improvements to the Review Site such as adding the date to the reviews so you know when they were posted. I’m hoping we’ll get the chance to make these updates very soon.

Here are some examples of the positive comments so far:

“I have had servers with Fasthosts now for many years. I currently have 3 of them. I keep returning because of the support and service. I have not found another company that has this level of support in all of my years hosting websites. The servers are always top notch and the support is outstanding.” Gregg Housh

“Fasthosts has improved over the years and has one of the most user friendly control panels out there. We also use their exchange mailboxes which allows us to sync all our mailboxes on all devices, and has proven to be a robust and reliable service. We have not experienced any major downtime in 4 years of hosting. Hats off.” Rob Wells

And of course we’re not perfect. Here are some of the negative comments:

“Been using fasthosts for years but I will now be leaving. Updated my card details in December as my old one was expiring. Every month since I have been receiving threatening emails about suspending my service due to missed payment. I checked, checked and checked again. My card details are entered correctly, in fact, when I eventually do get through to customer billing support in whatever bloody place its in now, they use those details to actually take payment. Used to be good, now a joke…” Michael Rose

“I have had a virtual server with Fasthosts for 6 months and today is the 5th time that I have come into work to find my VS down. In that time the support has gone from answer the phone but give no answers to not answer the phone.” Lee Woodcock

This feedback from Lee has been passed to the team here at Fasthosts who are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the servers. As always we worked round the clock to get the service restored and after resolving the problem we’ve been implementing measures to ensure it does not happen again. Once again our apologies to anyone affected by the issue.

So that’s all for now, each fortnight on our Facebook Page we give a quick round-up of the Review Site so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested in discovering what other Fasthosts customers think about the products and services we provide.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to view more comments about Fasthosts or share your own opinion then visit this link –

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