happy sysadmin day

Fasthosts celebrates SysAdmin day

It’s SysAdmin Day! So we decided to talk to our SysAdmins to find out more about them, their roles and their goals.

Mark O’Driscoll, Systems Engineer

“Like many SysAdmins, I started in front-line support, then moved into an internal IT role. When I joined Fasthosts second-line support in 2010 it was a steep learning curve, and I had to quickly get involved with new systems and technologies. However, my new colleagues were very helpful and got me up to speed quickly.

“Since joining Fasthosts seven years ago, I’ve moved on to become a shift team leader before moving into my current SysAdmin role. Fasthosts is a dynamic company, and we’re working with the latest technologies so even after seven years, I still feel I’m learning here every day.”

So, what does a SysAdmin do outside of work?

“I like to play the piano and make electronic music. I also play football and enjoy keeping fit. But of course, as a computer geek, I’m partial to a bit of gaming and TV too.”

Mark (003)

John Barnes, Systems Engineer

“I joined Fasthosts as a second-line engineer in 2010, coming from a smaller research company where I installed their first server and managed the technical relationship with a web design agency.

“My first few weeks at Fasthosts were a big adjustment in many ways, for a start I was now managing hundreds of servers rather than just a couple. By 2011, I had become an IT Ops Team Leader and then became a Systems Engineer in 2012. Working with the latest technology means that you are always developing your skills and knowledge. I’ve been encouraged to build up Microsoft Certifications and also recently attended the Global PowerShell Summit in Seattle.”

“Outside of work, we’re just like normal people, though I do enjoy playing board games at the company’s board game club.”

Russell Workman, Systems Engineer

“I began my career at Fasthosts after graduating with a Mathematics degree in 2004. As my first job, joining such a fast-moving and growing company was a steep learning curve, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and always had something new to learn.

“I was as an IT Ops Engineer for four years and then was made IT Ops Team Leader, managing a small team of engineers. I then became a Windows Systems Engineer. Between the Windows Engineers, we manage the entire Windows estate, including shared hosting, Hosted Exchange email and clustered Hyper-V platforms running thousands of virtual machines.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Windows Systems Engineer at Fasthosts is making use of the close links we have with other companies – particularly Dell and Microsoft. We have access to top specialists in their respective fields and work closely with them to increase our understanding of existing technologies, and steer the future direction of new technologies.

“When I’m not at work, most of my time is spent with my young son, who is always full of energy and keeps me and my wife on our toes. I also enjoy tennis, watching F1 and running.”

Chris James, System Operations Team Lead

“Before Fasthosts, I worked in retail, as a sound engineer and in personal finance. I started my IT career in 2000 before joining Fasthosts in 2002 in front-line support. At the beginning, it was very ‘by the seat of your pants’, you’re given problems and expected to come up with solutions. In this industry, you have to be hungry for learning new technologies, for problem-solving, for getting stuck in, and for coming up with ideas.

“There’s been consistent career progression all the way through. By 2007 I had moved up and into a Linux systems engineer role and I became System Operations Team Lead earlier this year. Working with new technology is like starting a new position every few years, because you’re suddenly dealing with a whole load of new stuff. I never come in thinking the day is going to be boring and easy, I like to sink my teeth into trouble shooting and problem-solving.

“We have a lot of keen members of the FH Runners group which I co-founded. It’s a friendly, supportive and sociable environment.”

cjphotoFasthosts are currently recruiting for a number of vacancies. Visit our careers page for more information.

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