Fasthosts become Official Sponsor of vegas2venice!

When vegas2vegas announced they were looking for a sponsor, Fasthosts jumped at the opportunity to be part of something amazing.

Two creative and inventive fundraisers who go by the team name of vegas2vegas presented to us their latest fundraising challenge, vegas2venice, and we thought the project was fantastic, so we’re doing our bit to help.

The chaps will be heading off on June 24th and travelling to nine countries in eight days to raise awareness and money for the charity Arms Around the Child. The charity provides care for children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

“Scotty and Griff have worked tirelessly to make this trip happen and raise awareness for Arms Around the Child. They are an inspiring pair and it is only fitting that Fasthosts recognises this and supports their efforts. We look forward to tracking their progress and sharing their experiences.” Claire Lewis, Marketing Director of Fasthosts Internet Ltd.

On this epic journey the boys will be followed by a camera crew who are producing a professionally filmed documentary of the trip. As the team travel to many of Europe’s most recognisable cities they will be interviewing people affected by the disease to discover their passions and how access to HIV treatment makes a difference in their lives.

To celebrate this great project we’ve created a webpage on the Fasthosts website dedicated to the team’s extraordinary trip.

Take me to the vegas2venice landing page >>

Thanks for reading and good luck guys!

The Fasthosts team

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