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Creating an online presence for your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace can be challenging. Authenticity is a large part of the recipe for building online presence and the trust of your business is rooted in the online perception of your brands authenticity.

One way that many businesses are generating this online trust is through the use of .ORG and .INFO domain name extensions.

The .ORG domain extension was born in 1985 and since then over 10 million websites have been empowered by the GTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain). Companies such as Google, Nike and Hyundai have all realised the value in using this name.

.ORG is typically used for philanthropic endeavours and is ideal for your business’ charitable and educational initiatives. provides a great example of how many organisations are using this domain extension.

On November 16th 2000 the .INFO domain name extension was born. This GTLD is perfect for information based websites, such as tourist boards, and educational websites. The Professional Golfers Association is one example of the .INFO name being used effectively. If your business has information to share then .INFO can help you extend your business.

There are also SEO benefits to securing these extensions of your domain name, as well as added security that a competitor cannot obtain the .INFO or .ORG version of your business URL.

Being authentic online is a key factor to generating the sense of trust around your business and with these two extensions you can enhance the online perception of authenticity for your organisation.

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