Do developers do Zumba?

They do when warming up for the charity Thriller Run in Cheltenham

To be honest, just the image of developers discovering their rhythm and shaking their hips ensured that even if the zombies caught me, I was going to die happy.

As we queued in our day glow 80’s style t-shirts and matching headbands the realisation of the task ahead dawned on us.  Anticipation, apprehension and fear coursed through our veins, along with the question that is asked by every runner at the start line ‘Have I got time for another toilet stop?’  This question was abruptly answered by the crowd starting the countdown from 10 and when the klaxon sounded we were off.

We ran into the forest, through stinging nettles and started our journey into the land of the living dead, weaving through, over and under obstacles, hearts pounding, concentrating and fully alert watching and waiting for zombies.

We were given 3 lives that dangled precariously from a Velcro belt around our middles. Yes we had contemplated hiding them, twisting them and literally holding our lives in our hands but we didn’t.  We had armed ourselves with Haribo, which we threw towards the zombies as a nice distraction so we could continue the run with our lives intact.  Who could get angry and want to eat humans when sweet Haribo rained down on you? Well it turns out zombies don’t care for Haribo, not one strayed after a gummy bear or fried egg, these freaks were focused on stripping our lives.  Our one and only plan had failed, we actually had to run (Oh joy!)

We stayed together as a team crawling through ‘tunnels of blood’ and traversing haystack walls, all the time sprinting past or being chased by the local dead inhabitants.  It felt like we had run to the ends of the earth. My feet were tired, my legs were aching and I was sure I was on the edge of dehydration.  I had run out of Haribo ammo, the last of which I won’t lie was actually thrown at the zombies head, to no avail.

At one point, I could see a distance marker up ahead, so excitedly I squinted to bring the information into focus, we must be nearly there! We had done so much and encountered so many horrible zombies. What’s this- 1 Kilometre? That must be the distance left? I must have missed the other markers? But no I hadn’t, just leave me – suddenly a life being dead held a great deal of appeal.

Encouraged (told to man up) along by the team I continued slipping and sliding along the course.  We start as a team we finish as a team with the exception of leaving our architect to be eaten by zombies after an injury, oops! We were forgiven and his torn calf muscle is healing nicely, even if now we do keep him on a lead and feed him raw flesh.  His injury occurred whilst being chased by what can only be described as Usain Bolts dressed up as zombie – definitely no flies on these living dead!

We swam through the swamp and ran through the ‘tricky trail of trepidation’ but the glorious, wonderful finish line was in sight.  As we rounded the last corner as a team the commentator talked about the feeling of comradeship and finishing together. This was immediately followed by all the men sprinting in a testosterone fuelled finish, leaving me to cross the finish line alone- cheers lads!  But I didn’t mind, I still got to watch and laugh along with them attempting Zumba, so maybe we are even?

Our team of 6 just about managed to survive and raised over £550.00 for the National Star in Cheltenham, we were incredibly lucky to have the support and sponsorship of our family, friends and colleagues.

Sam Rooum 

Zombie attack survivor and Lead QA Engineer at Fasthosts



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