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30 brilliant Windows 8 apps from Maximum PC

Earlier this week we spoke with Jimmy Thang, Online Managing Editor of Maximum PC, about the latest releases for the Windows app store.

Maximum PC has recently released an article that aims to “take on the burden of sifting through all the crapware, and finding the precious few apps that are actually worth installing.”

The result is a hand-picked selection of 30 Windows 8 apps that are worthy of your attention.

Having downloaded and played with a few of them already, such as Shazam, Pin-Steam, Skype and One Note we certainly agree with many of their choices.

The newly released Windows Surface tablet hit the shops late last year and has received mixed reviews. PC Advisor gave it three and a half stars out of five, commenting that “The Surface RT is a very well built and cleverly designed tablet. There’s decent hardware on offer and Windows RT runs smoothly but at present a lack of decent Modern UI apps is a big issue”

Well that lack of Modern UI apps is something Windows are working hard to change. Whilst they have a lot of catching up to do on Apple and Android devices, they also come from a much more informed starting point, where they should have learnt from the mistakes and successes of others.

To discover the full list of Maximum PC’s “Top 30 favourite Windows 8 apps as of March 2013” visit the link below.

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