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Red tape inspired me

Last week we launched our new campaign – Inspiring Better Business – through which we’ll be bringing you inspiration, help and advice from leading UK business owners as well as the chance for you to share your business inspiration.

Today we’re sharing the story of Howard Durdle, CTO of FISCAL Technologies, who like many UK employees craved to be part of a company where his ideas and passion meant something.

Howard began programming from the age of 10 with dreams of working for the biggest technology companies in the world. This dream was realised when Howard held jobs at IBM, Fujitsu, Microsoft and the Ministry of Defence but he often felt like a small cog in a big machine and that there was always too much red tape.

In search of a place where he felt he could make more of a difference, Howard found FISCAL Technologies. Hired as an IT Consultant in 2008 he now heads up the technology department.

When we recently interviewed Howard to ask why FISCAL Technologies is his dream job:

FISCAL Technologies is a company where my team’s work and passion really make a difference. Having the passion and drive is essential, but building relationships with trusted suppliers is also vital to business growth. Our long partnership with Fasthosts has always delivered reliability, security and flexibility when we needed it the most.

And Howard’s advice for UK business owners:

  • Always hire people that are smarter than you.
  • Once you have the right staff, let them get on with their jobs and get out of their way.
  • Ensure your company sticks to its core competency and outsource the rest.

It’s great to know that our products and services are helping customers like Howard to grow their businesses.

To discover the full story behind FISCAL Technologies success, business inspiration and the great advice they has for business owners, visit our Inspiring Better Business Showcase.

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