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Elephants inspired me

Last week we launched our new campaign – Inspiring Better Business – through which we’ll be bringing you inspiration, help and advice from leading UK business owners as well as the chance for you to share your business inspiration.

Today we’re focussing on another inspirational UK business owner, Katy Dee. Katy is the Managing Director of Internet Business Kickstart, a company that provides training programmes to enable individuals to start their own online business.

Katy began her business after being inspired by a story she’d seen;

“There’s this story, about an elephant that I once read. This young elephant was chained by his trainer, to prevent him from escaping. Attempting on numerous occasions to break free, the elephant was always unsuccessful and unable to move, and so in the end gave up trying.

As the years went on, all the trainer had to do was attach a chain to the leg of the elephant and place a wooden peg in the ground. The elephant never once moved or escaped. Why? Because it didn’t believe it could! The elephant had been conditioned to believe it couldn’t do something, and although sad, this story plays a considerable resemblance to that of much of the population, and particularly entrepreneurs.

Due to the conditionings of life and what we have been succumbed to, failure, taunts, pressures, financial worries, many of us don’t take that opportunity to escape, as we think we can’t, when really we can!  I did and so can you. Yes I’ve made mistakes, you have to in order to learn BUT now I live life how I want to and by doing what makes me happy, as well as having the ability to say I broke free from the chains and I am a business owner.”

We asked Katy “If you could give one piece of advice to other businesses, what would it be?” and she shared this great tip;

“That the secret to success is failure and persistence if you only remember this you will eventually succeed…

I know of a past work colleague who gave up opening his own business after only 4 months. I too have done similar, but the difference is I didn’t give up.

“Always write down your goal and keep it nearby where you can see it daily.”

He was always too cautious to make mistakes and often wondered why his venture didn’t succeed. What it takes to succeed is a never give up attitude even when you do fail. Just pick yourself up again when you are done, and start again. Just like a child does when they learn to walk, you wouldn’t rebuke them for falling, instead encourage them and yourself for the good work, the lessons learnt, and then carry on until you reach your goal.”

Katy, and her business partner Simon Dunant, have been loyal customers of Fasthosts since 2003, using a range of services including Virtual Private Servers. During our recent interview with them we asked what they thought of Fasthosts;

Fasthosts is the most cost-effective, professional, reliable and supportive hosting company that I’ve ever dealt with. I don’t see them as a supplier; I see them as a partner in the business. While a lot of other web hosts hide behind the internet and are uncontactable when there’s a problem, there are real people to talk to at Fasthosts – and all of them are knowledgeable, care about the customer and get the job done fast! It’s unusual to see such a level of commitment to the end user, especially in the UK.

We’re proud to have Katy Dee as a customer and to know that our products and services are helping businesses like Internet Business Kickstart achieve their goals.

To discover the full story behind Katy’s success, business inspiration and the great advice she has for other business owners, visit our Inspiring Better Business Showcase.

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