Howard Durdle

Do what you do best, outsource the rest

In many industries the days of “stack it high sell it cheap” have gone. Your business reputation is more important than ever before. More and more consumers are involving the opinions of their peers via social media and reviews sites as part of their purchasing decision. If any part of your service is slipping up everyone will soon know about it.

This means it is increasingly important that your company provides the best all-round service possible. To do that you often need to improve the areas of your business that you don’t specialise in. For example at FISCAL Technologies we provide world class accounts payable forensics software and services. Those are our specialities. But to provide our world class service we sometimes need to look outside of our organisation to fulfil our business needs.

There are many areas within your typical organisation that can be improved by outsourcing, and with a little research you can often find a solution that is cost effective.

Just take a look at the device you are reading this article on. Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone the components are made up by dozens, if not hundreds of companies. Your laptop might be branded as a Dell computer but Dell specialise in conceptualising, designing and building laptops that consumers want. They are not so good at building graphics cards and operating systems, so they outsource these areas to the best in the industry such as NVIDIA and Microsoft.

Sticking to what you do best, and outsourcing the rest, can be crucial to allowing your business to thrive. And depending on what you are outsourcing, it can often be a selling point. Dell actively promote that you can purchase your computer with Windows 8, Intel Core i7 processors and the latest NVIDIA graphics card. Their customers trust these brands and products.

Spending time and money on activity outside of your core competency can distract you from focusing on the reason your business exists and distract your employees from doing the work they are best at. Ultimately this can detract from the reason your customers are choosing your company over your rivals.

Written by Howard Durdle, CTO of FISCAL Technologies.

FISCAL Technologies provides world class accounts payable forensics software to enable clients to reduce costs, detect fraud and protect working capital.

FISCAL Technology has been a long-term Fasthosts customer and continues to choose Fasthosts for their virtual private servers, domain names and web hosting needs.

“It is critical to our customer success that our application is responsive – that means we rely on fast servers. Fasthosts’ servers are not just a little faster than our previous provider – they are many times faster – giving our customers the best experience possible” Howard Durdle

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