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Wales is unique in its make-up, its geography and its history and has become the country it is today because of its rich and varied heritage. Welsh Country Magazine strive to reflect these qualities and the current picture of Wales through Welsh inspired content. Celebrating Wales’ diversity they share talented writers and photographers stories in print and online at www.welshcountry.co.uk.

We spoke with Ian Mole, Commercial Manager for Welsh Country Magazine, to find out more about their business and why securing a dot Wales domain is so important to the magazine.

Tell us about Welsh Country Magazine’s Success…

“Our background is country PR and marketing. Having moved to Wales 15 years ago our business changed after our main customer had a major fire.  We saw an opportunity that Wales did not have a glossy lifestyle magazine so we started Welsh Country in November 2004.  We were always different due to our background but this has developed in that we work with our advertisers who are generally smaller businesses from across Wales. Working with not only printed magazines the website and social media aspects of Welsh Country are vital to its success helping to work with our advertisers over different platforms”

Why did you choose a dot Wales domain?

Having built a business firmly steeped in the importance of Welsh culture, the opportunity to secure a .wales domain name was too good to miss.

Ian Mole tells us that having a dot Wales domain would have the effect of “making the website more welsh, if it could be”, listing the top reasons that factored into their decision to apply for a .Wales domain as:

  1. “We are a multimedia publication that reflects all things good from Wales without being nationalistic in a political sense. So we like to be aligned with Wales as a whole and .wales reflects this.”
  2. “We have a substantial following from across the world many of whom miss the old country and have many happy memories .wales adds to this sense of belonging.”
  3. “The .wales domain name makes the huge universe of the world wide web more homely constantly reminding and or telling everybody that our business home is in Wales.”

Get your own dot Wales

To associate your online presence with your nationality and be part of a new uniquely Welsh corner of the internet; simply enter your keyword or name into the domain checker and pre-order yours now! General Availability opens from 1st March 2015 when all domains will be allocated to Welsh businesses and individuals.

Keep checking back for more news of companies who are showing their support for .wales and .cymru and have applied to switch!

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