.uk Domain Validation: timeline of required activity

Since the beginning of 2014, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) has been enforcing the validation of domain contact details. Their aim is to make the internet a safer and more trusted place for everyone.

As part of this venture, when a .uk domain name is found to have invalid or incorrect information, we will contact you and ask that it is updated; otherwise your domain could be suspended until the details are updated and verified.

If you update the details held online in your Nominet account or contact us to help you with the process, no action will be taken

The process that we follow is outlined below:

Step 1
When your domain name is flagged for validation the registry will attempt to validate your name and address against the domain name record

Step 2
When Fasthosts is notified that the registry has been unable to validate, your data will be categorised as one of the following:

Unvalidated Name – This means that the registrants name can’t be validated against a 3rd party source

Unvalidated Address – This means that the address details associated with your account can’t be validated against a 3rd party source

Unvalidated Name and Address – This means that neither the registrants name nor their address details could be validated against a 3rd party source

Foreign Registrations – This means that neither the registrants name and/or address could be validated via a 3rd party source

Step 3
We will then attempt to validate the data on behalf of our customers against 3rd party sources

Step 4
If we can’t validate the information registered to your .uk domain we will then notify you by email via the registered email address held on the Fasthosts control panel. Instructions will be supplied within the email advising how to correct the unvalidated information.

You will then have 30 days to address the issue; in this time you would receive multiple emails prompting the account holder to update the domain name records.

You can see the timeline of this notification process below:
Domain Validation Timeline
This process is necessary because as an Accredited UK Registrar for Nominet UK, Fasthosts have to make sure that domain registrants comply with the registration agreement as set out by the registry.

We will always aim to exhaust communications with the account holder before applying suspensions to our customer domain names.

If you have any concerns regarding the .uk validation process, we are here to help; you can email or You can also log a support enquiry via your Fasthosts control panel support section or call our support team on 03330142700

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