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UK Domain Validation: How does domain validation affect me?

Since January 2014, there has been a change to all UK domain owners’ registration agreements. All contact details applied to your domains now require validation and the domain registration could be suspended if details are not updated and verified, when requested. This is a legal requirement and helps to prevent domain abuse and other related cyber-crime. See our earlier domain validation blog post for more detail.

All domain names must have accurate contact information. This is applicable to all end users of domains regardless of the size of the company, if you represent a charity, club or partnership or whether you live in the UK or abroad. The only slight difference is that personal customers (non-trading individuals) can choose to hide their contact information using domain privacy so the information will not be publically available when someone does a WHOIS search but the underlying contact details must still be correct and validated.

When you are required to validate your details, you’ll be prompted by an email that will be sent to the registrant’s email address that is currently assigned to the domain. This email is generated when you:

  • Update your domain contact details
  • Register a new .UK domain
  • Transfer the domain (changing IPS tag)

You will then have to access your Fasthosts or Nominet account at the below locations depending on which information needs updating.

Update your address

If you need to update your address, this can be done via the Fasthosts Control Panel:

Updating the registrants name

If you need to update the registrant name, this needs to be done via your Nominet account:

The username required for your Nominet account login will always be the current registrant e-mail address assigned to the domain in question but this can be updated/ changed in the Fasthosts control panel beforehand if needed.

Over the coming weeks we’ll explain how the process will work in detail for each of the following groups, so make sure you check back regularly

  • Fasthosts Personal Customers
  • Fasthosts Business Customers
  • Resellers & End Users

We will always be available to help you with this process and avoid suspension. If you’re ever unsure or need help, contact us and talk to an advisor, so that we can talk you through the process quickly and easily.

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