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.UK Domain Validation: for Fasthosts customers

As part of Nominet’s ongoing campaign to make the internet a safer place and in accordance with the data quality policy, the registry is taking measures to ensure that domain contact details for all .uk domains are correct and up to date.

Here’s everything that Fasthosts customers need to know about the .UK Domain Validation process.

If you’ve been notified that your domain failed validation, all you need to do is update your contact details via the Fasthosts control panel– this takes just a couple of minutes and is very simple providing you update within the specified 30 day period.

It becomes a little more complicated if you fall into one of the following categories:

Have you been notified that the registrants name is invalid?

This transfers the rights of the domain and is considered the same as a change of ownership. You can change the registrant name in two ways – either email or change the details via your Nominet online account. The registrant should be listed as an individual, organization or entity.

Has your domain name already been suspended?

You will still be able to log into your Fasthosts account – just log in and update the domain name contact record to complete your contact details. Then send an email through to using the email address listed against your account. We will check your updated details can now be validated and send a reply to confirm this.

*Remember if your domain is suspended this means that your website, email and any other domain services won’t work and it can take up to 72 hours for the domain to reactivate.

Ask for confirmation that your details have been validated

After updating any details, email support and ask us to confirm whether your details have now been validated.

If your new details still don’t pass validation, you may need to undertake further actions for example sending us a utility bill or bank statement matching the address you entered, or if it’s unvalidated name, then a copy of the drivers licence or passport.

Whichever stage of the process you fall into, if you’re the slightest bit confused just speak to us, we’ll do all we can to keep you online and avoid suspension.

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