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Take advantage of the .LONDON priority period now

Just three weeks left…

With only three weeks left of the priority application period, if you haven’t already applied for your .London domain name it’s time to act quickly!

The .London priority period, which ends on 31st July, offers priority to London based applicants before the opening of general availability. With more than 50,000 applicants expected before the end of July, if you want to ensure you secure one of these popular domains, you need to apply now.

The benefits of a Dot London domain extension

Leverage the power of a .London domain from just £19.99 plus a one off registration fee of £5 and from mid-August you could be using your new .London extension.

The benefits of a .London domain have been a constant topic of discussion amongst IT crowds for the last few months with advocates praising its ability to instantly tie your business to the capital, increase customer loyalty and develop digital branding.

Our General Manager, Simon Yeoman, said “It is vital that all London-based firms take advantage of the London Priority Period and grasp their domains first – .LONDON was created for them and will become an ever-more valuable asset.”

Customer advocates

We spoke with several of our customers to find out what they thought about the new .London domains and they were filled with confidence:

Tony Mitchell, owner of mobile disco company A1 Discos,, commented, “Having a .London domain is perfect.  It will assist with organic search results”.

Craig Gunthorpe, Managing Director of 0800 Sparks,, adds, “As an electrical contractor in London, it just makes sense. We highlight our geographical location wherever we can, it will be great when we can add it to our vans”.

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