Lobster Digital Marketing commit to dot Wales

Lobster Digital Marketing commit to dot Wales

Since 2003, Lobster has been delivering quality online marketing services to clients. From simple brochure websites to full ecommerce and back-office systems plus marketing services including Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Strategy and Training.

As an advocate of the new top level domains, Russell Davies, Director of Lobster Digital Marketing has amassed an impressive portfolio of a few hundred domain names tailored to meet different business criteria and goals. The domains enable him to talk about the brand in very different but specific ways and on their own unique landing pages. Applying for Lobster.wales is further evidence of his commitment to the search benefits of the new domains and in particular the implicit strength of geographical domain names.

Lobster’s Success

Lobster is a family run business created by Russell and Helen Davies over 10 years ago to serve businesses in Cardiff and the surrounding area. Growing from just Russell to a thriving business they have amassed a wealth of clients around Wales, evidence of the quality of their work and the strength of their reputation.

They provide a complete online marketing service to Welsh businesses offering the personal touch that only comes from independent, intimately managed businesses and their passionate belief in providing the very best customer experience, to startups, fledgling businesses or seasoned enterprises.

Choosing dot Wales

This year we have already seen the release of two geographical top level domains helping businesses highlight their location, dot London and dot scot, and early 2015 will bring the general availability of dot wales and dot cymru. Russell Davies, Lobster’s Director said that “having a .wales domain to add to our domain portfolio will be another great avenue for us to talk about our brand, highlighting that we are a local Welsh company catering for and tailored to local Welsh people” with influential factors being:

  1. A key brand to use in future marketing activity
  2. Highlighting pride as a Welsh business and greater appeal to prospective Welsh clients
  3. Capitalising on any SEO value that Google might attribute to the relevancy of the domain

Get your own dot Wales

If you’re a Welsh business, own the trademark and have registered it with the ICANN Trademark Clearing House you can apply for .Wales and .Cymru domain extensions with Fasthosts. Make the most of the priority period; it closes at the end of October!

Individuals can apply during General Availability early 2015. To associate your online presence with your nationality and be part of a new uniquely Welsh corner of the internet; simply enter your keyword or name into the checker and order yours now!

Keep checking back for more news of companies who are showing their support for .wales and .cymru and have applied to switch!


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