JHoots Pharmacy commit to dot London

JHoots Group  offer a full range of essential, advanced and enhanced NHS Services as operated by the Local Commissioners, including retail pharmacy, primary care and also estate management. Whenever customers step through the door, staff are committed to spending the ideal amount of time with them and tailoring required services to the customers exact needs.

In addition to the pharmacy staff, the JHoots Pharmacy senior management team, have proven their commitment to a bespoke experience for distinct communities, choosing to apply for a dot London domain. Their new domain portfolio now incorporates, and, perfect for future marketing and PR messaging, both at home and abroad and represents a significant leap forward for their localised branding and global outlook.

JHoot Pharmacy’s Success

Founded in 2002, JHoots Pharmacy is a family owned chain of pharmacies who deliver quality healthcare. Spread throughout England they have already expanded to a total of 36 community pharmacies and with plans to expand further domestically, JHoots Pharmacy is a thriving UK business.

JHoots’ new online pharmacy proposition alludes to future plans to expand internationally with a concentrated focus on India. Their unique approach to service results in bespoke community services whilst still adhering to the national values at the core of their brand. Keeping customers at the heart of their services, the company owes its reputation of trustworthiness to the high standards of professionalism and care observed by their staff.

Choosing dot London

This year we have already seen the release of two geographical top level domains helping businesses highlight their location, dot London and dot scot, and early 2015 will bring the general availability of dot wales and dot cymru.

Manjit Jhooty, Managing Director for JHoots said that their decision to apply for a dot London domain was largely because “as we expand internationally and online, a .London domain will flag our location and strengthen our UK presence from a marketing and PR perspective” with influential factors being:

  1. To highlight their brand’s presence in London
  2. To pinpoint an obvious location to customers both domestic and abroad
  3. Amplifying PR & Marketing opportunities as JHoots expands into online pharmacy

Get your own dot London

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Keep checking back for more news of companies who have been awarded and begun using their dot London domains!


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