Headmasters salons commit to dot London

Headmasters are known for their commitment to beautiful, fashionable, confidence-boosting hair in all of their salons. They are now highlighting their commitment to the .London top level domain extension and showcasing their London salons further by adding headmasters.london to their domain portfolio.

Headmasters registered the domain earlier this year during the London priority period also known as landrush when precedence was given to trademark holders, London businesses and London based individuals. We have now entered a new phase for securing .London domains – general availability. All further domain registrations to be submitted will be allocated on a first come- first served basis with equal opportunity for all customers.

Headmaster’s success

The first Headmasters salon opened in Wimbledon Village in 1982, with dedication and commitment to their core values of combining premium hairdressing and amazing service, Headmasters grew into an international salon group with a range of professional hair products.

This dedication to giving clientele beautiful, confidence boosting hair means Headmasters salons have stood the test of time and are lucky enough to have an extremely loyal customer base.

The beauty world moves fast, and Headmasters constantly introduces new treatments, blow-dries and colouring techniques keeping abreast of the latest trends & innovations. Headmasters blend of exquisite cutting, beautiful colouring, catwalk-quality finishing and charming, devoted customer service, brings total relaxation safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of experts.

Choosing dot London

Like beauty, technology advances quickly and new ways to highlight your online brand are continually evolving. Over the next 12 months we’ll see the release of several geographical top level domains helping businesses highlight the location of their stores including dot London, dot scot, dot wales and dot cmyru. Simon Barlow, Headmasters IT Manager said that their decision to apply for a dot London domain was based on the “hope that the new domain name will increase brand awareness and drive visitor traffic to our corporate website” with influential factors being:

  1. Enabling them to market to London salons using headmasters.london
  2. Securing another top level domain for the brand
  3. Making sure that no one else can secure the domain name

Get your own dot London

London domain extensions are available now from fasthosts.london, an approved premium .London registrar. Associate your domain with one of the greatest cities in the world; simply enter your keyword or name into the checker and order yours now!

Keep checking back for more news of companies who have been awarded and begun using their dot London domains!

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