WordPress – The Best CMS for your New Website

Wordpress the best CMS

Working as an SEO consultant I am constantly asked to give my top tips for making a site search engine friendly, which methods are best, what’s the best content management system (CMS) to use – one that’s easy to learn and use but is still going to be SEO friendly – worst still I’m often left to pickup the pieces after a second rate web designer has hobbled a client with a below par website that just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

My advice to any small business or individual looking to break into the online world is to start simple – focus your efforts, time, and money where it counts, on getting visitors to your site, and the right type of visitor e.g. potential customers.

In my opinion its infinitely better to have a reasonable amount of traffic coming to an OK website than to have no traffic to the sexiest of bells and whistles bespoke designed Ferrari of websites (that nobody will ever see!)

Get the online channel paying for itself first then, (if you want), reinvest some of that money into better design and functionality, yes its a compromise but an all too necessary one, or at least until recently that is.

Since 2003 a simple to use, free blogging platform has quietly grown and developed into one of the most powerful, robust, flexible, easy to use, search engine friendly, do anything, go anywhere, super CMS’s – powering some 5-10% of all websites online (depending on which of their competitors you speak to!).

“WordPress can power all these types of sites and do it better than most of the specialist systems”

Now before you click away and go and read the latest must have web design advice because you don’t want a blog you need a full scale corporate website, or a news site, or a customer portal, or a real estate website, or an e-commerce site DON’T because the sophisticated modern WordPress can power all these types of sites and do it better than most of the specialist systems in each of those verticals, and not only that but it will do it whilst at the same time retaining all its search engine slaying supremacy.

So what is WordPress these days, and how do you understand its capabilities?

WordPress was indeed originally developed as a blogging platform, it is open source which means its free to use, and can be tweaked and developed freely if required, but unlike many open source projects it is well supported, both by its parent company Automatic and by the strong user community.

WordPress.com still powers over 13 million blogs, as an on demand service (no hosting to get, nothing to install etc) in fact Microsoft have recently moved all their customer’s Live Spaces blogs over to WordPress.com (that’s between half a million and 30 million additional blogs dependant on who’s figures you believe) because they just can’t compete with the platform.

The free to download and use, stand alone version of WordPress available from WordPress.org is a different beat (that’s not entirely true the two platforms now run on the same underpinnings) but once installed on your web hosting account it offers infinite adaptability, and ease of customisation (no technical knowledge, or even a web designer needed!) that is literally only limited by your imagination.

And the great news is that WordPress can be easily installed on a Fasthosts hosting account, and in my next post I’ll take you through installing and setting up a WordPress site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post – I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences of WordPress (good or bad!) so please leave a comment or give me a shout direct.

Steve Jennings is a professional SEO consultant based in Chester, with over a decade’s worth of experience, he works with a range of clients setting up in house SEO teams for large companies and assisting small businesses with the their online marketing.

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