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Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive web design is the hot topic at the moment within the web design industry. As more and more people are using tablets and smartphones to browse the web it is becoming increasingly important to optimise your website to look and function well on all platforms.

Today we bring you a selection of some of the best responsive WordPress themes available and hopefully provide you with some inspiration to go ahead and create your own mobile optimised websites.

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To kick things off we have a touch-enabled theme that is a very sturdy design and will suit the needs of many. Further down this list we have more elegant and feature packed options but this is a great introductory theme into the world of responsive design.


An interesting little portfolio WordPress theme. When you select a thumbnail on the homepage the content is re-shuffled and the item expanded but it is not the most useful feature as it lacks logic and I think more of a designer indulgence than user centric necessity. However, still well worth checking out in case it meets the needs of your project.


A fantastic theme for showing off your content and thanks to the use of an interchangeable background image you can keep your website looking fresh with a click of a button. The left sidebar stays constant throughout the website and gives the user easy access to any of your content. The theme is also one of the few we’ve come across that have a header bar for a nice snappy message to welcome your website users plus give them some contact info.

Kraken Business & Portfolio

A relatively standard theme that perhaps lacks the beauty and originality of some on this list but it is a well built and feature packed option that lays out your content logically no matter what device your client is using.

The Novelist

A rather unique layout that, as the title suggests, is designed for writers. If you write short stories or poetry this theme could be just what you’re looking for. With a lovely, interchangeable background image that really sets off the design you can treat your users to a new website experience that will be particularly suited to those who use a tablet to enjoy their books.

Reaction WP

A solidly built WordPress theme that has many of the features you look for in a responsive layout. Not the most elegant on our list but as the description says it is “responsive, rugged, bold”.


A darker theme that uses large fonts and buttons to guide the user. If you are trying to show off video content then this mobile optimised theme certainly puts the video at the forefront of the webpage.

Zig Zag

One of the few themes in this list that uses the “one-page” layout style. As you scroll down the page the navigation bar follows you in an unobtrusive manner which gives you quick access to the areas you want. The theme is packed with shortcode buttons, block quotes, columns, and more. The designer has also kindly included the ability to change colour schemes and layouts, including the option to have a large background image which can really make your site sing.


Slick, quick, and perfect for those needing a portfolio website. The Home page design will display your latest projects in a manner worthy of the time you’ve invested in their creation. The blog layout is clean and crisp and will ensure that your readers will enjoy coming back to your website time and time again and thanks to the responsive layout they can do so whether they are on their mobile, laptop, or iPad.


The theme is very clean and uses white space beautifully. We particularly like the hover over effect on the thumbnails and the use of filterable categories. Another ingenious feature is the use of the “information” icon in the top left corner which is perfect for giving users a quick update. The designer has also built in the option for a colour scheme change at the touch of a button. Brilliant for keeping the theme fresh particularly if you wanted to give your website a subtle, seasonal touch.

So that is all from us and we hope you’ve seen something you like. For the keen eyed among you, you’ll no doubt have noticed that this blog is not mobile optimised, that is something we hope to rectify soon and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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