Web Matrix

Introducing WebMatrix

WebMatrix is a new free feature included with all Fasthosts Windows Virtual Private Servers*.

Designed by Microsoft to let you build websites in the easiest way possible, it’s a lightweight tool that’s perfect for getting new developers and enthusiasts up and running fast, while allowing seasoned professionals to turn around high quality projects on a frequent basis.

Are you creating websites from scratch?
From web server to language framework to the editing tools and publishing capabilities, WebMatrix gives you the tool you need to turn around websites with none of the hassle.

Included with WebMatrix:

  • IIS Express web server
  • ASP.NET Web framework
  • Web Application Gallery
  • Web Application Installer (Those who use PHP and MySQL can configure these components directly from WebMatrix)

You won’t even need to build your websites from scratch. Simply browse the open source web applications gallery and take advantage of work produced by others. To find what you’re looking for quickly, simply sort the gallery by blogs, eCommerce, CMS and Forums to display a range of free ASP.NET and PHP applications with support for HTML5.

Are you taking your first steps in professional web design?
Using WebMatrix not only can you design a website from scratch using but you can also use it to install and manage popular applications such as WordPress and Drupal, allowing you to get up and running fast with proven website templates.

Once your project is completed WebMatrix even gives you the ability to drive traffic to your site with a range SEO tools.

Ubelly (The unofficial official Microsoft blog) have created this great WebMatrix E-Book to help you get started.

*Fasthosts offers Microsoft WebMatrix for free with all Windows Virtual Private Servers when configuring the server. If you already have a server and would like to benefit from this great free tool you will need to re-build the server in your Fasthosts control panel. WebMatrix requires MSSQL, which is £29pm ex VAT. However, if you register for Microsoft WebsiteSpark you’ll get MSSQL free.

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