Design In-House or use an External Agency?

In this day and age nearly every business needs a website. When it comes to designing your website there are a few things to consider first. One of the most important factors is to decide whether it is best to use an in-house team (or yourself) or an external web design firm.

We’ve created this article to help you to weigh up the pros and cons of both options. Please let us know your experiences, both good and bad, with in-house and external design teams by leaving a comment below.

In-House Web Design


  • Your team know every aspect of your business and what the company goals are.
  • You can easily keep the website maintained.
  • You can smoothly evolve the site as your business grows.
  • It is normally much cheaper than hiring an external agency.
  • More control over the design and content.


  • In-House teams can often be treated as a lower priority and what they say be overlooked.
  • Work-flow problems – if you don’t have a steady stream of work for them you may find that your in house team are doing nothing one week to being inundated with work the next.
External Web Design


  • Wider range of skills.
  • Contracted to meet a certain criteria.
  • Have a set deadline.
  • Should be up to date with the current design trends and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) requirements.
  • Web design in the UK is a very competitive market so you should get a reasonable deal.


  • Unless the site is built with a CMS then it can be difficult to keep your site maintained effectively by the web firm.
  • Updates and changes can be expensive.
  • It is harder to keep control of the project and know what is going on.

So there are valid arguements for using either an in-house team or an external agency when deciding how to proceed with your website design. You will need to look at your own situation and which option ticks the most boxes.

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