How to Design an Effective “Call to Action”

Designing an effective “call to action” is often the difference between closing that sale and not. It is essential for any website whether you are selling a product/service, asking people to contact you or simply requesting them to sign up for a newsletter.

Here are our top tips for designing an effective “call to action” button.


Simplicity – It can be tempting to place lots of call to actions on a single webpage. Understandably, you don’t just want visitors to view your services page, but also view your latest product discounts and sign up to your newsletter. You need to focus on just ONE call to action. Having too many provides the same outcome as having none; no-one will take any action. Limit the choice the user gets will help you focus them on what you want them to do.


Incentivise – Giving that little something extra can really encourage visitors to complete your call to action, things such as discounts, free gifts or vouchers. We do it all the time for our customers and the more you spend the more you save.


Justification – A user needs to know why they should click that button. What am I going to get out of it? You will see this all the time within advertisements. A way to solve this problem is by identifying a problem and presenting a solution. For example “Save time on your grocery shopping – Shop online now and receive a 25% discount!”


Urgency – Creating a sense of urgency is a key element to any call to action. If someone knows that they can come back in 2 month’s time and get the same deal then many of your users will leave without following your call to action. Give end dates to offers “Offer ends July 10th!” and create that sense of urgency “Buy now – Today only!”.


Colour – Using a contrasting colour for your call to action can really help make it stand out. Red is the most popular colour for a CTA button because it provokes a sense of urgency and action.


Positioning – It may seem obvious but the placement of your CTA (Call to action) on the webpage is very important. Ensure it is above the fold and in an area of high visibility with a good amount of “empty space” surrounding it.


Size – When they said size isn’t everything they were not talking about your call to action button. The bigger the CTA the more it will be noticed, however, don’t go overboard as it may frustrate users.


Designing an effective call to action is vital to the success of many websites. When done correctly it can make a real difference to your websites effectiveness. Hopefully the advice above will help you achieve the results you want.

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