Are your tools up to the job or better left in the shed?

Keeping productive can sometimes be difficult when you feel like you’ve several different projects demanding your attention. For web designers, particularly freelance, keeping on top of all the various aspects of work can be challenging. We’ve handpicked 5 of our favourite tools to help manage the workflow, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating websites.


Do you have too many Twitter friends? Struggling to filter through only the useful tweets? Well this could be the tool for you. Smartr is a very intuitive and helpful twitter app that pulls turns the tweets from your twitter friends into a newsfeed. You can then easily save to read certain tweets later, retweet them or mark as a favourite. Smartr’s algorithm is the brains behind the operation and ensures that only relevant and useful content is filtered through.


Found that your latest design doesn’t look right in a different browser size? Need a quick and easy way to view your website different browser sizes? ResizeMyBrowser is a relatively simple website that does what it says on the tin. You can choose to resize to a standard setting or make a customer browser size.


Require some quick feedback on a web page? Simply type in a URL into Bounce and the tool will take a screenshot of the page. You can then make comments over the top of the content and share it quickly and easily.


Want to know how well your website is doing? WooRank gives you a very comprehensive report on any domain. Including on-site and off-site SEO, website information, content, visitors and much more. A great way to give yourself or your clients a quick report and for a small fee it can be made white label.


Is your “To-Do” list piling up? Need to consolidate into one, small, more manageable list? Before we start sounding too much like an annoying daytime TV ad, lets take a moment to look at this useful tool from Simplenote. With features such as free storage, sharing and publishing, search and much more…

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