Code Year

Are you joining the coding resolution?

New year’s resolutions are too often short-lived. Dreams of losing weight, quitting the cigarettes and swapping the lager for lemonade seem destined for the wastelands of our “To-Do” lists. However, this year may be different, at least over 260,000 people are determined to collectively ensure one resolution makes it to the “achieved” column.

“Learn to program” may not have been on everyone’s list last week but thanks to the New York based venture, Code Year, it is quickly becoming a favourite. The project has now gone viral thanks to a startup called Codecademy which aims to make learning to code fun and helps complete newbies master the skill. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced he would be participating although we are yet to see Boris Johnson get involved.

Codecademy teaches you how to code Javascript through its interactive online tutorials and thousands of people are discussing tips and achievements via the hashtag #codeyear. Python and Ruby are two more programming languages that they plan to introduce and we predict the platform will soon be offering many more scripting options.

The startup has been incredibly successful with over six million lessons completed within the first month of the site going live. Codecademy uses achievement badges to motivate its users and allows you to share your badges on Facebook and Twitter. You will also be able to keep track of your total scores, lessons completed and trophies earned to add intrinsic motivators of performance feedback, cognitive curiosity and recognition.

From our own experience and through discussions with colleagues it seems the site does have the right mix of features to keep people coming back to the site which gives us hope that this is one good intention that won’t lead to a scripting error.

Written by James Hay, Social Media Coordinator at Fasthosts Internet Ltd.

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