6 Brilliant Tools for Web Designers

We have put together this list to showcase some of the best web design tools that are available. They will help you with everything from picking a colour scheme to comparing typefaces. These tools will also help you create your website quicker and easier so remember to bookmark them.

ColorExplorer – Is a free online toolbox for creating colour palettes. You don’t need to login or subscribe, it is ready to use from the moment you visit the site. Once you select some colours you want to use the site will provide suggestions for contrasting colours or complimentary plus much more. It will also suggest colours that are web safe.

Icon Finder – Does what is say’s on the tin. If you need an icon for you website then this is the place to come. You can search their database for icons that are free for commercial use and require no return link. So whether you need an icon for email or comments then Icon Finder is the place to go, most icons will be part of a set so you can keep your web design icons consistent.

Typetester – Another great online tool. If you want to see what your font will look like and get the css code for it, then check this website out. All you need to do is type in your sample text, choose to compare 3 different settings in the 3 columns (you can alter font, size, alignment, leading, tracking, colour, background and word space on each column). Once you have found the layout you want you just click on the links next to “Get CSS” and it automatically generates the code for you.

Firebug – A must have for all web designers. Once you’ve installed this Firefox plugin you can edit the html and CSS of any website on the fly. So the next time you are working on your website and want to see what you next change will look like just click the Firebug icon. No longer will you need to go into your web design software, make a change and click preview. It is very quick and easy to use and of course like all the tools in this article it is free of charge.


If you are struggling with your website loading slowly due to large image files then this is the tool for you. It is a free, online image optimiser.  It will not change the look or visual quality of the image but will get rid of unnecessary bytes. I would recommend using it on all your images to really improve the load time of your pages. The tool lets you download the optimised image and shows you the amount of bytes you’ve removed with a preview of the end result.

Browser Shots

An online tool that lets you view your web design in over 70 different browser types and versions. It is often frustrating having spent all your time and hard work to get the design just right and launch the site only to find half you visitors cant view it properly. This tool will show you how you site looks in almost all browsers imaginable and it only takes a few minutes to load.

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