15 Amazingly Creative Outdoor Advertisements

With the rise of social media many businesses are turning all their attention to online advertising. It’s important to keep in mind that advertising people can touch, smell and hear is often far more attention grabbing. Outdoor advertising still has its merits and if you’re in need of some inspiration then look no further. We’ve picked 15 of our favourite, outdoor adverts that are incredibly creative and effective.

SF Bio: The QR Code Treasurehunt

Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada: GetYourButtSeen.ca bus

Embratur, The Brazilian Tourist Board: Fell the warmth of Brasil

MAR Shopping: Giant interactive outdoor

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre: Break

CNN: Stories with the full background

Center for Autism: Two faces

Norwegian: New Destinations, The Kilt

BMW M3 Coupe: The Light Wall Reflection

Iberia: Toreador
MAD Magazine: Light bulb

A book: Enjoy the wait

Go Fast Energy Drink: Canal bike

[youtube 2QNefs-Qki4 nolink]

Toyota: A Glass of Water

[youtube uGGlvNKm9RE nolink]

Chevrolet: Hand-drawn billboard

[youtube EOauZLFPNqw nolink]

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