Why the time is right for Hybrid Cloud

There are convincing arguments in favour of both on premise solutions and Cloud solutions making it really difficult to know which would benefit you most. The solution that some people have been using for some time, but hasn’t really been advocated until recently, is a best of both worlds scenario – Hybrid Cloud.

In very simple terms, Hybrid Cloud means you can continue using existing on premise hardware for certain functions that benefit from very low latency while you use the Cloud for other functions that need agility and flexibility.

Is this for you? – consider your workload

You should first divide up all the applications / projects you have into two categories:

  1. Those that need to be local to staff or require the highest level of physical segregation
  2. Those that have dynamic workloads or are in a test and development phase.

The first of these two categories are the applications you would continue hosting on your legacy platform and the second set of applications are those that could move to the Cloud.

Using legacy platforms

Continuing to use your existing hardware can benefit you by:

  • Providing value for money from your previous outlay
  • Sustaining use of non-standard hardware configurations
  • Limiting the dangers of third party exposure

But remember to make sure that business critical applications are protected from threats and risks such as loss of power, loss of cooling, fire, flood, hardware failure and of course you’ll need to make sure you have staff with the appropriate maintenance skillset in place.

Cloud benefits

If you choose to move some of your applications to the Cloud, you’ll also get the benefit of:

  • Scalable resources to manage dynamic workloads
  • Hardware and data resilience
  • A pay-as-you-go model for cost OPEX instead of CAPEX
  • Onsite support for hardware and systems
  • You can even get access to platform and application expertise on demand

Performance, security and availability have all reached a point of maturity within Cloud services where cloud adoption makes sense for any business. If this sounds like the solution for you, there’s more information about the features and benefits of Fasthosts’ Cloud servers here.

Or speak to one of our sales agents who can help you work out the best approach for you 0808 1686 777

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