Cost of Cloud

Why Financial Directors love “The Cloud”

It is not often that opportunities come along where tightening the belt buckle can have a positive impact on performance, service, support and business growth.

Innovations in cloud computing SaaS (Software as a Solution), PaaS (Platform as a Solution) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Solution) have created these opportunities to make huge savings and take advantage of tax benefits.

Pay for what you need today, not what you think you’ll need tomorrow.

Cloud computing changes an increasingly out of date Capex model into an easily managed Opex (Operational Expenditure) model and as such leads to multiple business benefits.

One of the greatest features of cloud computing, particularly for your businesses Financial Director is the ability to scale up and scale down,  paying for what you need now not what you will need in the future. Rewind a few years and the limited option of on-premise hardware meant your upfront costs had to cover the projected growth of IT Requirements for the next 3-5 years.

Thanks to cloud computing solutions you pay for only the resources you need today, then when you need more it’s easy to scale up to meet your requirements. The cloud has brought more flexibility to IT Managers and Financial Directors than ever before. Now is the perfect time to save money on hardware, upgrades, maintenance, support, security, backups and accessibility. Let your IT solution provider worry about that side of your business, it’s what they are best at. You’re then able to use the saved resources to focus on growing your business.

Written by John Lissenden, Business Development Manager at Fasthosts Internet Ltd. John is an expert in helping businesses find an IT solution that helps save money and grow. Get in touch today with John to discuss cloud computing and virtualisation, and discover whether the time is right to move to the cloud.

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