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Top 5 Cloud Apps for Android

Since data safety and storage both became a prime issue, nothing has been more of a booming idea than cloud storage and subsequently cloud storage services. With the amount of data risk which exists thanks to malware, Android spyware, cell phone monitoring apps, and an assortment of viruses, bugs, and Trojans, hardly anyone can think of using a smartphone, especially an Android, without opting for a cloud app for data security.

But with so many different cloud apps out there, it becomes difficult to choose which one to store your precious data on. And so, to help you make sure that in the event your Android is compromised, your data is safe, here are the best cloud apps which will help you backup and secure your data.

  1. Ubuntu One. For Android users this app offers dual services. Users can either opt for Ubuntu One Files or Ubuntu One Music. Both can be used by the same ID and hence cuts hassle for users who want to store data as well as music. The app offers 5GB of storage space and further, whatever you store on it can be shared using Bluetooth, email, and even social networking sites with links. Ubuntu One Music is completely free and also allows you to listen to your music anywhere through streaming.
  2. Dropbox. Everyone has heard the name and though there have been some bad incidences relating to it, Dropbox is still actually an amazing service when it comes down to it. The free version in itself is pretty good and offers 2GB storage space. Further, the Android marketplace offers an update on the service which allows photos to be sent directly to the cloud as soon as they are taken. The best feature of Dropbox would have to be its user friendly interface. Viewing, uploading, and editing of files is very simple to do.
  3. Box. If you are weary of using Droppbox for whatever reason, then Box should be just about the right cloud app for you. Users get 5GB of storage space free and the interface is also very easy to use. Box is more of a hit with professionals and is considered ideal for businesses; however, with 5GB of free space, the rest of us can use it quite contentedly too since the app runs without any kinks or running problems of any kind.
  4. CX. This app gives you a very funky feel since the design is very upbeat and neon. But though it may look all fun and games, all Android users should take this app very seriously since it offers 10 GB of storage space completely free. One slight drawback of the app is that it is still in the middle of being updated so users wishing to use it should register online and not through the mobile interface. You can share your data with people and categorize it for public as well as private viewing.
  5. Windows Live SkyDrive. This cloud app is the perfect solution for those wanting quality data storage and are on a budget. This app gives you 25 GB of storage space for free and ensures (if you are a personal user) that you won’t be paying for extra storage space if nothing else. This app imports and exports data to and from your Android with the help of Sorami app. Since the transfer is being done through another app and not SkyDrive alone, the transfer may not be as smooth as you like. However, for budget conscious users who have a large amount of data to store, this is the perfect solution.

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