Myths of Cloud

The myth behind the extinction of IT departments

The rise of cloud computing does not mean the demise of IT departments. As a Business Development Manager here at Fasthosts I spend a lot of time discussing IT solutions with businesses and this concern has been growing.

What many IT departments are realising is that moving to the cloud has created a lot more flexibility and opportunities without the threat of jobs being cut. The tasks of hardware maintenance, resiliency, and data centre management are outsourced to the cloud provider but the same level of control and customisation of the IT solution remains constant.

Instead we have seen IT departments create more artisan roles. They are in control of the bespoke applications running on their cloud solution and become experts in implementing and administering these applications.

In the vast majority of cases a cloud based IT solution has many more benefits than an on-premise one. If the IT department, who often play a large part in the businesses IT decision making, are worried about the danger of losing jobs due to making the switch, then this can have an unnecessary and detrimental impact on the business.

We are beginning to see a shift in the role of the IT department within organisations of all sizes. Cloud computing has meant that there is a solution available online that is performing better and providing improved results than the on-site IT solution. If your business can’t keep up with the rapid change of the commoditisation of services then you could really struggle.

The impact of this is that the internal IT departments are grasping the opportunity of becoming “creative non-routine workers”. Businesses no longer need people who can just give orders and take order, they need people who can invent, reinvent and reengineer their job.

CEO’s are now asking themselves “What is your unique value contribution?” and if you cannot justify it then there is a machine, piece of software, or cheap labour who can.

The businesses and IT departments I am seeing thrive are those who are embracing the benefits of cloud computing.

Written by John Lissenden, Business Development Manager at Fasthosts Internet Ltd. John is an expert in helping businesses find an IT solution that helps save money and grow. Get in touch today with John to discuss cloud computing and virtualisation, and discover whether the time is right to move to the cloud.

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