Cloud Adoption

The Cloud

What is it?

There are many different interpretations of ‘The Cloud’.  We define it as a popular term used to describe technology which is provisioned over the internet and is typically located off-premise.

How does it work?

Cloud servers allow the user to host or use resources without actually having the server physically in-house.

Multiple users share space in the cloud without ever sharing data or affecting one another, in fact data security is increased by using the Cloud.  The Cloud allows each company to automatically scale their needs up and down – great for growing businesses!

A good example of the Cloud in everyday use is Netflix – a video streaming site – where millions of films and TV shows are held in the Cloud and streamed into customers’ homes on demand.  Netflix are able to expand and shrink their infrastructure depending on customer demand for their product.

The Cloud is a safe and popular choice for IT departments, it offers:

  1. Low set up costs
  2. Instant Set up
  3. Flexibility
  4. Backup copies

What’s next for Cloud?

The Cloud is now established and is constantly evolving.  Fasthosts has the skills to compliment and tailor the Cloud to our other services and products.

In Phase One, Fasthosts has married existing Cloud technology to the newest Microsoft and Dell technology, producing an environment that leads the market in Cloud SMB solutions.  

Phase two is set to bring even more exciting features to benefit your business!

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