Move to the Cloud to Keep Your Data Safe

Keeping your data safe and secure is vital, especially for businesses. Over the last few months security breaches around the world have reached new levels. In February it was reported that a number of oil and gas firms have been the target of hackers and yesterday it was reported the Australia PM Julia Gillard’s computer was “hacked”.

With the fast paced development of new devices that can access the internet it is more important than ever to ensure your security strategy is airtight. One of the main concerns, when the term cloud computing started to be branded around, was the security issues. Surely keeping your important information on an external hard drive is the safest way for your business to operate? Well no, not any more. The cloud is now the safest place for your data and here is why…

The risk of data loss is ever present and a major concern for businesses. Some of the main causes of data loss are viruses, hardware failure, software corruption, human error, theft and fire. Keeping your data on site whether you back it up to removable hardware or you keep duplicate copies on a few office computers, is not secure. With a good online backup provide your data is stored in a secure data centre which lets you set policies as to what devices can be used to access the data. Let’s take a look at some common data security situations:

I’ve just accidently deleted an important presentation that I need for tomorrow!

No problem, with the cloud you can simply login and download the missing file that was backed up automatically.

My laptop has been stolen!

Should the worst happen, and you can no longer access your original server or computer, you can simply download a new client and restore to a new machine, getting your data back to you quickly.

The office has just had a power cut and I forgot to save my work!

That’s fine you can schedule automatic backups with the cloud. Simply schedule automatic backups for all data or set multiple schedules for individual files and folders.

I’ve just saved my work but then realised I’ve overwritten half the Excel spreadsheet I was working on!

Not to worry, with online backup through the cloud you can restore historical versions of files, regardless of when the file was backed up.


I would advise all businesses to look into moving their data to the cloud and to a secure online storage provider. If you are looking for ultimate security it is perhaps best to secure your data to 2 separate online data centres and to a removable hard drive that encrypts the information and store that in a secure location.

Do you keep your businesses money in a piggy bank in the office? I presume you don’t, you keep it in a bank because it has a better safe. The same principle applies with your businesses data, which is often just as valuable.

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