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Could your business be ready for ‘Cloud’? [Part Two]

This article is the second in a two part series. If you’ve not yet read part one then please click here to check it out.

…Although an eagerly sought option for most business models and IT setups, cloud services must be carefully considered in relation to the business model, scale and working environment. Depending on the complexity of a business’s IT infrastructure it may be advisable to move to the Cloud in a phased approach. Cloud services can easily and effectively be bolted-on to existing on-premise systems. Cloud services are definitely worth your consideration and when deployed correctly, can help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Top 5 things to consider when looking at Cloud solutions

  • What am I going to use the service for?
  • What features do I need?
  • How long do I need the service for, on-going or for a specific project?
  • In what ways can the solution grow and does it meet my business ambitions?
  • Is my business growth organic or should a solution cater for peak periods and low periods?
  • Can I implement and manage the solution myself, or do I need a managed service?

Customer Case Study

Ramunas Alex Amontas, Creator and Director of Duckbill Products Ltd and Furnica Furniture

Ramunas Alex Amontas, Director of Duckbill Products Ltd, talks about his experiences using a Fasthosts Virtual Private Server – a form of Cloud Computing Service – to host his numerous business websites.

Furnica Furniture is a furnishings retailer based within the South East London area that trades under the company name Duckbill Products Limited, and offers furniture and other household accessories for all areas of the house. Alongside this particular business, Amontas has a number of businesses that span the design and manufacturing sector for the home. His most recent project includes a specialist DIY sealant applicator tool, known as the EasyBead Applicator, which Amontas and his team believe will change how the sealant industry is shaped.

Amontas first opted for a cloud server back in 2010, to host one of his first business websites, Furnica Furniture, Talking about his decision to purchase a virtualised server as opposed to a dedicated server, Amontas explained his growing business needs were at the forefront of his IT purchasing decisions. At the early stages of the business growth, Amontas had plans in the early days to grow and expand his business from one site offering furnishings for the home, to a number of sites, specialising within each sector.

In order to grow his business, Amontas needed the space, capacity and ability to increase his key server functions and settings such as CPU, RAM and Hard Disk Space. The ability to monitor his website traffic and visitors, and then amend his core server features accordingly and instantly, was the biggest selling point for Amontas when purchasing a server. Secondary, were the cost savings for a virtualised server followed by the security and SLA agreements and certifications Fasthosts have in place, particularly the incorporated Fasthosts SSL Certificate. Amontas felt his data and business was in safe hands, leaving him with peace of mind, and at half the cost of a dedicated server.

Since the beginning, Amontas has been monitoring his business websites and noticed particular trends and changes as to his website visitors and sales. Amontas recognised that sales would dip in the summer months and increase again around September/October, and particularly in the run up to Christmas. With this insight, Amontas has the ability to schedule resource boosts, fitting to his business demand and needs, saving him time, money and ultimately allowing him to continue providing a valuable service to his customers. In rare cases of peak demands that haven’t been accounted for, Amontas can set up indicators within the control panel of his server that alerts him if such limits are fast approaching, allowing Amontas and his web team to act accordingly to their requirements.

“With a number of products under my belt, all that can vary in terms of demand, I have a number of websites and email packages associated to each particular product and so therefore needed a solution that would provide me with the ability to host them all in a flexible and convenient way. For these reasons I chose a Fasthosts Virtual Private Server. No one is fully aware of their requirements and what they may need, but to have the ability to change your IT solutions to your business, almost immediately, is a positive that I favour very much so, and helps me to keep my business working better online. With a growing business such as mine, and a VPS, I can increase or decrease to accommodate traffic and the online processes as necessary.  Over the years I have found Fasthosts extremely professional and reliable, and would highly recommend Fasthosts to all those looking for a secure and trusted web host partner for their business.”

Ramunas Alex Amontas is Creator and Managing Director of Duckbill Products Ltd, Furnica Furniture, FoldingBeds24, BedsNation and webMaid. With a team of around 10 people, based in London, Furnica Furniture and its associated sister brands primarily design and manufacture products for the home and DIY sector. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this two part series on Cloud Computing. If you are interested in discussing the IT solutions that can benefit your business then get in touch with our IT Consultants today.

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