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A hesitant step to the cloud

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) recently released their annual report “UK Cloud adoption and trends for 2013”. Within they’ve surveyed 250 UK companies on Cloud Computing related topics.

One area that is never far from business owners thinking, when discussing Cloud services, is the concerns over adoption.

When CIF asked “What concerns were expressed during the decision-making process to migrate to the Cloud?” the two stand-out answers were Data Security (82%) and Data Privacy (69%).

It is natural that some business owners look as nervous as the residents of a turkey farm in December at the thought of moving data from a physical on-premise location to a place where you no longer have access to see the server(s). The perception can be that it brings less control over security and privacy.

After these concerns the focus turns to establishing trust with the Cloud Service Provider in order to have confidence, control, reliability, and to avoid commercial issues like contract lock in. CIF state that it is worth noting that “these concerns are cited not as barriers to adoption but as issues requiring clear answers in order to contract”.

To help with this CIF have introduced a Code of Practise (CoP), the only certified Cloud CoP that exists. It is an independent benchmark of best practise that credible Cloud Service Providers should be able to measure up to and provide sufficient assurances of transparency, capability and accountability to the market. 78% of the UK companies surveyed said that they see value in working with Cloud providers who sign up to an industry CoP that is independently audited over those that have no accountability.

Fasthosts is a member of CIF and adheres to its Code of Practise.

“Organisations seeking to use cloud services need a straightforward form of certification or ‘code of practice’ for potential suppliers that will accurately define the services offered, standards of operation and security.” Andy Burton, Fasthosts CEO

Other organisations that have joined the CIF Code of Practise include DELL, Microsoft and Nominet.

With companies committing to meeting a level of Cloud service that requires them to conduct an annual Self-Certification we hope that the business owners concerns about Cloud adoption will subside.

If you are interested in discovering more about Cloud Computing we have an expert team of Technical Sales Consultants who you can call on 01452 509 177 for a free one-to-one consultation on Cloud Computing and what Cloud options could suit your business.

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