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A Cloudy 2013 for UK Businesses

Cloud technology adoption is growing faster in the UK than Uncle John’s waistline after polishing off the last of the Christmas pudding.

Over the course of the last 18 months we have seen a 27% increase in adoption of cloud services in the UK market and the rate of growth is still accelerating. The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is predicting that 75% of UK businesses will be using at least one cloud service by the end of next year with 80% of current cloud users increasing their spend in this model of IT delivery.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming ingrained in UK companies’ ability to deliver their products and services effectively and efficiently. As a result the market trust and satisfaction in “the cloud” is crucial. In CIF’s recently released whitepaper “UK Cloud Adoption and Trends for 2013” they found that 92% of UK businesses polled have been satisfied with the results of their cloud adoption.

How and why cloud is adoption on such an incline?

The study found that 61% of all organisations polled already consciously use cloud computing for at least one application area within their organisation. This is a growth of 27% since 2011 with the larger private sector firms (200+ employees) leading the way with 68% adoption. However, the public sector is not far behind with 62% adoption.

The research highlighted that the vast majority of companies (90%) have an on-premise server room or data centre when they make the Cloud service decision. Interestingly the study also tells us whether companies were investing in the Cloud for a new service of an existing service that had to be migrated from on-premise to the Cloud. This was broken down into industry specific responses and we’ll pick a few of those results out.

Overall the “Accounting and finance applications” industry had the largest percentage of migration with 29% of cloud investment for a new service but a whopping 71% in migration. The “Data storage services” industry responded with 30% new and 70% migration with other industries such as “Email services”, “Unified communications” and “Test & QA services” all seeing similar results.

These answers show just how much trust is being invested in cloud services. For a business to migrate their current on-premise solution to the cloud, a lot of faith is being placed in the technology and the improvements it can bring. Combined with the satisfaction results we can see these companies are pleased with their decision to adopt cloud technology.

Why are UK businesses investing in the cloud?

The following was asked only of respondents whose company has hosted or cloud-based services in use (153 companies).

Which of these were reasons for adopting hosted or cloud-based services?

For the first time users cited the primary reason for Cloud adoption as cost savings. In the previous two years, ‘flexibility’ was the driving factor. 71% of organisations said cost savings is the main reason for the move whereas 66% said flexibility. These two reasons dominate the agenda and expectation of end users in moving to the Cloud.

Cloud adoption is on the rise and it appears that the trend will continue in 2013. So with the office secret santa gifts as mysterious as the identities of Batman and Robin getting out of a yellow 3-wheel van in Peckham, Noddy Holder gradually driving everyone nuts and flashbacks of the works Christmas party sending a shudder down the spine, it is the perfect time to consider whether cloud services can help grow your business faster and more efficiently than your current on-premise setup.

With the weather man predicting a white Christmas will the forecast for your business be cloudy in 2013?

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