Why You Need a Blog

Why You Need A Blog

Having a blog can be very beneficial to any organisation or project. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need a blog.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

When you’re selling a product or service it is important to be seen as an expert in your industry. Whether you are selling stationary, IT services or garden tools it helps increase your sales and customer loyalty if they feel you know what you are talking about. Without a blog it is can be very difficult to showcase your knowledge particularly if you have an e-commerce site.

Brilliant SEO Benefits

Google loves new and original content. With a blog you can provide that type of content. It helps you create virtual theming, target specific keywords that you wish to rank for and increase the crawl rate of your site due to regular, fresh content.

Increase Traffic to Your Main Site

Most company blogs have links to their main website as well. With our blog we have seen 5-10% of blog traffic go through to the main Fasthosts website which ultimately leads to more sales.

Broaden the Range of Your Target Audience

With a blog you can cover topics and reach a new audience that you perhaps cannot reach with your current product/service offering. We’ve focussed our blog topics on Online Marketing as we know that is one of the main subjects people who have a website are looking for. We hope to show them we’ve quality content on SEO and Link Building etc. which will increase our chances of them using our hosting services in the future. We could not reach this audience from our main Fasthosts website.

It’s Self Sustaining

You don’t have to write every post yourself. Why not invite people to guest write for you. This is very popular in the blogging world as both parties benefit. You get regular, exclusive and unique content and the write gets themselves promoted to a new audience and normally gains a couple links back to their website.

Helps Your Market Research

Enable comments on your blog and carry out Polls and Surveys. You can start to find out what your customers think of your business and gives them a voice. Although you may start off with negative criticism if you convert these into positive comments then it really helps increase customer loyalty and is a big factor for increase in sales. If someone says something negative then deal with it, see how you can help and hopefully the people that are vocal with negative comments will convert into your brand advocates.

Keeps Customers Informed and Interested

With any website, particularly those that are selling a product/service, is can be difficult to engage with your customers. Let them know that humans are running the business that they are buying products from. The more interest in your business the more sales you’ll make. Have you just launched a new product or have some news about your business; perhaps you’ve just done some fundraising for a local charity. The best place to tell people about it is on a company blog.

Helps Link Building

People link to quality content. The more links you get the higher up the search engine rankings you go, leading to more traffic and hopefully more sales. Linking building is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful website. It is difficult to get links to your website without having interesting and unique content. A blog is the ideal place for that content.

Improves Communication with Current Customers

Communicating news with your customers is really important, if a major change in their service or your product offering is happening then not only should you send an email to your customers but also post a blog article about it.

Increases Customers Loyalty and Trust

If you’re regularly updating your blog then people know your company is still alive and kicking. How many website have you been on where you have no idea whether they are still up and running or not. With a blog you can easily keep it updated and once you establish yourself as an expert you’ll increase customer loyalty and trust.

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