Where should you display your prices online?

if you’re building an online shop or reviewing your existing website, you might be thinking about your customers’ experience and wondering how best to to influence this.

Graham Jones, explains here how you can subtly influence customers simply by considering how and where you display your prices!

“Your web pages have all sorts of options as to where to put the price you are charging. You can put the price below each item, on the top, to one side or even floating over a picture of what you are selling.

However, research shows that the position of something affects how big or small we think it is. You can use this to your benefit. If you put prices where people think something is small, you are more likely to increase your sales. Even if you have a high priced item, putting the price in the right position will make people think it is cheaper than it actually is.

Studies show that when people look at something and they lean to the left they estimate the size of that item to be smaller than when they lean to the right. You can try this for yourself. Put a box on the ground in front of people and ask them to lean to the left and get them to guess the size of the box. Then get another group of people, ask them to estimate the size of the box while they lean to the right. You will find that the average size from the left leaners is smaller than the size given by those who leaned to the right.

This is just one kind of simply study that shows we tend to view things on the left as smaller than things on the right.

However, this feature of our psychology means we can get customers to think our prices are smaller if we put the price sticker on the left, rather than on the right.

Many supermarkets already do this – the price sticker below the items is placed on the left hand side. That makes us think the products are less costly. Equally, you often see price stickers on books on the left of the back cover. Again, we perceive the book as less expensive.

If you want people to buy more from your website, place the prices on the left hand side of the page.”

If you’ve tried this and seen an increase in conversions, get in touch and tell us about it. What else have you tried that has successfully improved sales?

Graham Jones is an Internet Psychologist who helps businesses understand how their customers use the web so that they can provide websites that truly and deeply engage people. He is the author of “Click.ology: What Works in Online Shopping”. See and

Graham Jones Internet Pschologist

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