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What are your customers saying about you?

If your business now says one thing and does another you get found out very quickly. The digital and social revolution is changing the way we all do business. Not only has it led to the empowerment of one customer having the ability to discover information about your business from sources they trust, but it has also led to changes in how you do business.

The information your customer shares from comments, reviews and social networks tells you what to make, what it should be made from, how it should be shipped, and how you should sell it. As Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity.com, says in this video; “People are telling you what’s wrong with your company. Don’t you want to know that? Don’t you want to fix it?”

We’re keen to find out what customers think of our business and created a Review Site to gather that information. But we’re also interested in how other UK businesses have reacted to the rapid change in customer-brand interaction and how you’re gathering feedback.

Let us know in the survey below:

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