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Top Business Tips and Tools

My colleagues at Fasthosts HQ were excited when I asked if they’d like to share some top tips and tools with our blog readers. We’ve collated the best suggestions in this post, which cover web design, project management and quote/proposal production.

To get the ball rolling, we’ll look to a current buzz word – Responsive Web Design. According to a number of our designers, this is a great method to easily produce a site which is adaptable to multiple devices and web browsers by using media queries. Essentially, you build one site which will work across laptops, smartphones and tablets.

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These are some good examples of responsive web design in practice:


This Is Yoke

Full Frontal


Check the out those links on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Now I’m sure you have several ideas in mind that you cannot wait to get started, but how do you manage all these projects? Maybe you use traditional project management techniques and are a fan of the Gannt chart. However, if you’re open to a new way of managing your projects, you should take a look Wunderkit.

This new web app from Berlin based 6wunderkinder allows you to take your projects wherever you go. The obvious drawer is the cloud synchronization, ensuring you know your projects are always up-to-date and readily available to you anywhere, anytime. Check out Wunderkit here.

So you’ve had ideas, you’ve got these projects off the ground. Now you should really start thinking about all those quotes and proposals you need to complete. Another web tool to look at is QuoteRobot. Although this was originally created with designers in mind, we’re sure any business dealing in proposals, quotes and estimates could make real use of this. Another web tool that has come recommended is QuoteRobot.

We hope you’ve found these tips interesting and useful. If you have any other top tips, tools or apps you think are worth a mention, let us know by adding a comment below.

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